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Hello, everybody!
In this post, I want to give you some cross word to test your ability to do crosswords. It will not be too hard, but not too easy. Just try to do this crossword puzzle!

1.    Causal Conjunction
2.    Happy; enjoyment
3.    To form a hole by moving soil
4.      Holy book of Islam
5.  A pattern of sound in music
6.   Road vehicle
7.     Unexpected and chosen by chances
8.  To stop someone for being killed
9. To show enjoyment of something
10.  A substance in a form like air
11.  A large, angry crowd
12.  To show an exact position
13.  To move by turning over
14.  To steal things
15.  Only; simply
16.  Used to be

1.    To discover(past)
2.  Intelligent quotient
3.     Related to drawing or painting
4.   A young person
5. A period of time with no fixed end
6.  A place to keep animal
7.     A person who is controlling
8.  Regular work
9.   Allowed by low
10.  To steal something
11.  Used for sleeping
12.  To refer to a group that include the speaked
15.A behave that is difficult to stop

Selasa, 21 Februari 2017

Save Our Nature, Save Our Life

Hello, Peeps!
 In this post I would to write an essay about "Learn from Nature". It is the duty of my teacher
in order to arouse the public of the importance of keeping and maintaining the environment. What I write here is just my opinion. And I accept criticism and suggestions from the readers. Hopefully with the essay that I wrote this can change the views of people in a positive direction and put into practice in daily life. Alright, peeps. Hope you all enjoy it!

Learn from Nature

Nature, what it is? everyone surely has its own view of nature. Although many of the opinions expressed by the experts, we are often looking for the meaning of things, including in this case, nature. Nature means the whole of things that are all around us. Nature means us, and we-humans-are part of nature itself. Feeling confused? of course not, you can be your own conclusion, right? We live in a very large system, all aspects in it interrelated with each other. In other words, it's obvious isn't it? that when we apply is bad, then the whole system would be bad. in the meantime, if we apply well to other aspects, then  the whole system, including the whole aspects in it would be good.

Planes are inspired by bird
So, what is the benefits if we undertook to maintain and keep the system well? In this case, nature? Of course, the benefits are very much, but I can only mention a little of them. Among them, we can sharpens our senses and stimulus our imagination. Why? because we live our life with continuously receiving informations received by our senses. With it we can see, feel, hear, and smell. And many more amazing things we can do. Based on sensing and our experience of the natural world, we can create beautiful artistic art, buildings with charming architecture, diverse clothing pattern, as well as many other things. We can also finding inspiration from nature to help our work, for example in the process of making planes, inspired from the way birds fly. With that kind of advantage, it's obvious isn't it? that by keeping and maintaining the nature around us. We can do many things that was very amazing. 

The beauty of nature
Now, we must to turn to the second question. What can we do to keep and maintain this nature? You know, nature is very broad. So many things that you can do in it. No exception to learn from nature and to enjoy it. For example, go around the gardens around your house. The fresh air, the birds are chirping, the leaves are lush, towering mountains, and the fragrant smell of grass. Even by just doing the simple thing, you can enjoy the nature while musing about the importances of nature to ourselves. You can also grow a plant in your home, or take care of an animal. I  addition you take care fo this nature, you can also get the experience and have fun with your pet, whatever that is. There is more unique way to understand more about the importance of caring for the nature. And what it is? you can visit places of disposal. Why? because by doing so, you can see the impact of that nature are not cared for and maintained properly and what you can do to prevent it.

We must prevent damage to nature
In addition, we should also avoid some of the things that can damage our nature. Because it is enough for us to just take care of things while we are constanly also to ruin it. Then, we should avoid such things. Among them, don't step on the grass, do not smoke, and cut the trees. And most importantly, do not dispose of litter. Because it is a cause for so many disasters. It is very easy and simple to do. But it has enormous benefits for us and the whole of nature. So, we as a human being, let's save our nature together.

"Save Our Nature, Save Our Life."

Selasa, 31 Januari 2017

Thanks aunt

Sincerely my auntie,

I want to thank you for helping me doing a task from the teacher. On this Monday, I was given the task to paint something from my teacher. But I didn't have any painting tools. I certainly need the money to buy the painting tools. When I asked money to you, you gave me money more than enough to buy the painting tools. It doesn't happen only once, but you do it twice. After I bought the painting tools and start to paint, you encouraged me. And then, when I finished the painting. You praised me so that I feel proud of my work. Thank you very much for your help, your affection, and your efforts to make me happy.

Your beloved nephew,
Milzam K. Basith

Kamis, 12 Januari 2017

Liburan Seru

Hello, guys!
 Nice to meet you. Welcome back to my blog after this long holiday. Today I would like to tell you about my holiday. Especially on the last days of my holiday before I go back to school. Because I became committe of an event. The title of the event was "Liburan Seru". Because it was my first event on my last school in Madrasah that I was became committe as an alumnus. It was held in Karacak Valley, Garut on Saturday, 7 january 2017 until Sunday. The goal of the event was to make the participants became compact, creative, and happy.

I planned the whole arrangement of activities with my friends which responsible to setting the event. For 4 days I discussed about how the activity will be held. The next day, on Saturday I went to Garut using a motorcycle with my friends. In the schedule that we made, we should leave Bandung on 5 o`clock and arrive in Karacak Valley onn 9 am. But, because the transportation problem, we arrived there on 12 o`clock. So, we must improve our schedule. We started the activity on 4 pm. Although we should start at 9 am.

After sequencing the participants, I took them to the camp. And placed them into their tents according to their grade level. Then I played with the partisipants. The one who got the ball must mention his name. So we can get to know each other. Then we continued the game with playing dodgeball and futsal. It was so fun to play while waiting for the call to prayer maghrib.

Me and my team

After pray maghrib, I was promoted to be an supervisor of the group of the participants. I helped them to memorize Alqur'an which will be used on the next event. If they succeed to memorize it. They will be given a scarf. Then we ate together in front of a bonfire while listening to a lecture from the lecturer. The participants went to sleep at 10 pm. But the committe should not to sleep because they had to prepare the next activities. The activity will be held at night, the participants will be given a challenge from one post to another post. My job is to provide a challenge in the forst post.

At 2 am, I woke group that I've coached. then I get ready in the post and waited for the participants in each group coming to the first post. The challenge in the fist post is to reciting the Alqur'an they had just memorized. After I gave a challenge to any group, I fell asleep while waiting for each group completing the four posts available. That activity finished at 6 am.

After each group completing the challenges, they did exercise in the morning with the committe. Then we prepared plastic ball filled with water for the water war game. After participants have finished playing, turn the committe and the participants throwing the water ball to each other. I think that game was the most exciting activity on this event.

After playing water war, I took a bath and ate with participants and other committe. I waited the arrival of the cars that will took the participants return to Bandung. After all of the participants left the camp, the committe took a photo together. Then we returned to Bandung by using a motorcycle. It took 4 hours to get to Bandung. But it was not necessary, because as the saying goes, home sweet home.

Sabtu, 05 November 2016

Mohammad Natsir, The Reformer of Islamic World

Muhammad Natsir

The Reformer of Islamic World


In this post I want to tell you biography of Muhammad Natsir. He was Indonesia's fifth prime minister. As a fifth prime minister, Natsir could reportedly speak numerous languanges, including English, Dutch, French, German, and Arabic; he was also capable of understanding Esperanto.

Mohammad Natsir was born in Solok, West Sumatra on 17 July 1908. His parents were Mohammad Idris Sutan Saripado, a government employee, and Khadijah. When he was 8 years old, he studied at HIS (Hollandsch-Inlandsche School) in Adabiyah, Padang. After a few months he moved to HIS Solok, studying there by day and at the Madrasah Diniyah by night. Three years later, he moved to HIS Padang together with his older sister. In 1923, he continued his studies at MULO (Meer Uitgebreid Lager Onderwijs) and he joined Pandu Nationale Islamietische Pavinderij and Jong Islamieten Bond.

After graduating he moved to Bandung, where he studied at an AMS (Algememe Midelbare School, or senior high school). Natsir later said that he had chosen the school for its Western classics class. Since 1928, he became a chairman of JIB (Jong Islamieten Bond) Bandung until 1932. There Natsir became involved in journalism. In 1929 he wrote two articles published in the Algemeen Indische Dagblad, entitled "Qur'an en Evangelie" ("The Quran and the Evangelicals") and "Muhammad als Profeet" ("Muhammad as the Prophet"). He also collaborated with other thinkers to publish the newspaper Pembela Islam (Defenders of Islam) from 1929 to 1935, and wrote extensively about his views on the religion for Pandji Islam (Banner of Islam), Pedoman Masyarakat (Guide for the People), and Al-Manār (The Torch). Aside from writing, Natsir founded Pendidikan Islam (Islamic Education), a private school, in 1930; the school was shut down after the Japanese occupation of Indonesia.

He then received a teaching permit after studying for two years at a native teacher's training college. Although he had previously studied Islam in West Sumatra, while in Bandung he took a deeper interest in the religion, including subjects such as the interpretation of the Quran, Islamic jurisprudence, and dialectics; he later studied under Ahmad Hassan, the leader of Persatuan Islam. Natsir began to associate with well-known scholars of Islam like Agus Salim, and in the mid-1930s he took Salim's place in discussing the relationship between Islam and the state with future-president Sukarno. On 20 October 1934, he married Nurnahar in Bandung. From their marriage, they had six children. In 1938, he enrolled as a member of Partai Islam Indonesia (The Indonesian Islamic Party), and became the chairman of the Bandung branch from 1940 until 1942. He was also employed as the Bandung Bureau Head of Education until 1945. During the Japanese occupation, he joined Majelis Islam A'la Indonesia (changed to Majelis Syura Muslimim Indonesia later), and became one of its chairmen from 1945 until the party was banned.

M. Natsir as the Insdonesia's
 fifth prime minister
After the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence, he became a Central Indonesian National Committee member. On 3 April 1950, he proposed a motion called Mosi Integral Natsir, that united Indonesia after an agreement which divided Indonesia to seventeen states. Soon afterwards, he became prime minister, influenced by his role as the head of Masyumi. He served until 1951. According to Natsir, his politics were religiously motivated, with ayat 56 of the Adh-Dhariyat as justification. His goal as a politician was to ensure that the Muslim community lived in a state where Islamic teachings "applied in the life of individual, society, and the state of the Republic of Indonesia". He also fought for human rights and the modernization of Islam.

Unlike the Kemalist Sukarno, who viewed religion as an entity separated from the nation, Natsir believed that the separation of church and state was not applicable to Indonesia, as he saw it was an intrinsic part of their culture and one of the main reasons they fought for independence. To support his position, he often quoted William Montgomery Watt, saying that Islam is not just a religion, but an entire culture. After independence, Natsir became increasingly disheartened by how Sukarno, and later Suharto, dealt with religion, writing in the early 1970s that Indonesia was treating Islam as one would treat "a cat with ring-worms ". He later began trying to bring Pancasila, the state philosophy of Indonesia, completely in accordance with Islam

In the Guided Democracy era, he opposed the government and joined the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia. As a result, he was arrested and imprisoned in Malang from 1962 until 1964. He was released by the New Order government in July 1966.

After his release from prison, Natsir became increasingly involved with organizations related to Islam, including the Majlis Ta'sisi Rabitah Alam Islami and Majlis Ala al-Alami lil Masjid, both in Mecca, the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies in England, and the World Muslim Congress in Karachi, Pakistan.

In New Order era, he formed Yayasan Dewan Dakwah Islamiyah Indonesia. He also criticized government policy, like when he signed the Petisi 50 on 5 May 1980, which caused him to be banned from going overseas. He died on 14 March 1993 in Jakarta. During his lifetime, Natsir published 45 books or monographs and several hundred articles dealing with his views of Islam. His early works, published in Dutch and Indonesian, dealt with Islamic doctrine, culture, the relationship between Islam and politics, and the role of women in Islam. His later works included some written in English and focused more on politics, as well as the preaching of Islam and Christian-Muslim relations.Ajip Rosidi and Haji Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah have noted that Natsir's writings serve both as historical records and also as guides for future Muslims.

Source: Wikipedia

Senin, 24 Oktober 2016

Science Camp, Scientia Sit Potentia

Hello, everyone!

In this post I want to tell you about my experience during Science Camp IV. The Science Camp Iv is a camping activity which held in Taman Wisata Bougenville, Banjaran from 16 until 17 September 2016. Our motto during the science camp is sciencia sit potentia which means "knowledge is power". Science camp isn't an ordinary camping, stay overnight in nature and the aim is to closer to nature, or any else reason to have a camping activity. But science camp activity has the aim to training me and other partisipants to do a research.

I went to the school on six o'clock in the morning and arrived on the school at 06.30 a.m. My friends and I gathered in the yard waiting the bus that will bring us to the Taman Wisata Bougenville. I was shocked because isn't an ordinary bus, it was an army bus. So I stepped into the bus in the corner. The trip taked up to 2 hours. So the most of my friends fell asleep on the bus.

Finally I arrived on Taman Wisata Bougeville. It had very cozy atsmosphere, but also very cold there. My friends and I gathered in a hall made from wood.  There I got some explanation about research. About how to create a research, from making a purpose of the research, observation, until write the research reports from the representatives of LIPI.

After that, I went to the tent to put my bag. Then I went to the hall to eat and pray dzuhur. I was appointed to be a muadzin. After pray, Mrs. Yattini explained me and my friends how to write a research reports. I had to write quickly because Mrs. Yattini explained it quickly.

Then me and my friends which is incorporated in the same division gathered with our teacher coaches. Then I introduced myself in front hof my friends. After that, I returned to the hall and form a group consisted of six people. My team got a task to research the 3D glasses. So my team got a long explanation from kang Satria about the 3D glasses.

At night, I made a presentation with my friends about the 3D glasses.  At first, the participants planned to sleep at the tent but because the climate was not good. So the participants slept at the hall. Although the room condition was very cold.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning to pray shubuh. After that, my team presented our research reports. About how 3D glasses works. Our presentation was running smoothly. But it didn't complete because the committee stopped it because the time limit was exhausted.

After the whole group presented their research, I went to the field and made a kite with my team. After we created it, we played it. But there are none of my friends in my team who can play it. Then we told to gathered in the field to closed the activity of science camp iv. Followed by the inauguration of the new chairman. I returned into the hall to tidy up my bag and prepare to return to the school.

When the bus arrived, the participants of science camp iv stepped up into the bus. The trip was pretty long, because the traffic is jammed. Compounded with the rain outside the bus. But finally I arrived on the school. After pray ashar on masi'ina sholihin mosque, I went to home by angkot.

Rabu, 19 Oktober 2016

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore, built by the South Korean company Ssangyong Engineering and Construction and completed in 2010. Prior to its opening, it was billed as the world's most expensive standalone casino property at S$8 billion, including the land cost.

The resort includes 2561-room hotel. The room has a thick carpet, textured wall paper, wood panels and a palette of earth tones or pastel colours adorn the minimally embellished rooms, which are available in various categories ranging from Deluxe to Grand Club. The suites, with the lead in category of Orchid Suite to the top-of-the-range Chairman Suite, are more opulently decorated with European furnishings and Italian stones. While the rooms are generous in terms of size, the biggest draw are the floor to ceiling glass windows offering stunning views of either the city (a panorama stretching from the CBD on the left to the Marina Bay Promenade on the right) or the garden (the stunning avatar-esque super trees at the nearby Gardens By The Bay is a key feature).

The store directory on the marina bay sands called The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, home to the largest collection of luxury watch and jewellery brands, as well as luxury men`s boutique under one roof in Singapore, experience a refreshing mix of international luxury brands, emerging labels and new concepts.

There is more than 60 restaurants in Marina Bay Sands which offering the best of local and international cuisines, exclusive culinary creations by ten of the world’s best celebrity chef restaurants at Marina Bay Sands. Based on the cuisine type, the restaurants is divided into Celebrity Chef Restaurants, American, Modern Asian, Buffet, Cafe Bistro and Casual Dining, Chinese, French, Halal Food, Hawker & Local Food, Indian, Italian, and Japanese.

Housed inside one of the world`s most iconic structures, the casino at Marina Bay Sands encompasses more than 15,000 square meters of gaming space spread over 4 levels. Boasting one of the world`s largest Swarovski crystal chandeliers, the casino is also home to over 600 table games, more than 1,500 slots and wide array of dining options.

The complex is topped by a 340-metre-long Sky Park with a capacity of 3,900 people and a 150 m infinity swimmping pool, set on top of the world`s largest public cantilevered platform which overhangs the north tower by 67 m. The pools are made up of 422,000 pounds of stainless steel and can hold 376,500 gallons (1424 cubic metres) of water. After swim, the visitors can stretch out to sunbathe on a luxurious poolside lounger, or relax in the shade of a palm tree. While watching the unforgettable beauty of a sunset amidst the clouds.

The Art Science Museum is constructed in front of the resort and has the shape of a lotus. Its roof is retractable, providing a waterfall through the roof of collected rainwater when closed in the day and laser shows when opened at night. In front of the Event Plaza is Wonder Full, a light and water show that is the largest in Southeast Asia and was produced by Laservision.

Based on the facilities offered by Marina Bay Sands. Which has rating until 8.6 or excellent rating. Marina Bay Sands certainly has exclusive and expensive cost if want to stay a night in the hotel. The visitors must spend money at least $400.  But by ignoring the price, stay overnight in this resort will be an amazing experience for the visitors.


1. How much rooms in Marina Bay Sands hotel?
a. 2651
b. 2156
c. 1256
d. 2561
e. 1562

2.How is the form of The Art Science Museum?
a. jasmine
b. lotus
c. snail
d. shell
e. rose

3. What the name of the construction company that made Marina Bay Sands?
a. Vinci Engineering and Construction
b. Adhikarya Construction
c. Ssangyong Engineering and Construction
d. Bechtel Engineering, Construction, and Project Management
e. Hoctief Enggineering and Construction

4. The following types of cuisines served in Marina Bay Sands` restaurants, except...
a. Germany
b. Modern Asian
c. American
d. Casual Dining
e. Halal food

5. Where Marina Bay Sands built?
a. South Korea
b. America
c. Malaysia
d. French
e. Singapore